Technology Spectrum

Experienced recruiters servicing most critical skill needs of our clients

Technology Spectrum

Staffing Offering

Flexible engagement options

Staffing Offering

Technology Capabilities

Wide ranging skillsets and knowledge base

Technology Capabilities

Staffing in Cloud Services

Staffingincloud Services

Consulting Offerings

Architecture Consulting

  • Solution Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
    • Re-architecting Solutions
    • Cloud Ready Architectures


  • Performance Tuning
  • Code Optimization
  • Code Reviews
  • Technical Interviews

Our Candidate Searching Process

Stringent adherence to process

While each position and the industry has the unique characteristics, this method builds enough crosschecks and depth of research to locate talented individuals.

Our Candidate Searching Process

Why Choose NCS ?

Top 5 reasons why clients choose NCS as their partners

Work Force Specialist

While we provide highly qualified employees, our values lies in our stategic and innovative workforce management

Seamless Coordination with your Hiring Managers

We act as support team for your managers. Whether you need last minute fill-ins, or resource to manage your temporary needs, we can provide a seamless solution that gives the support you need, when and where you need it.

Most Cost Effective

We help to reduce overhead. You can trim labor costs, reduce benefits expenses and greatly limit overtime expenses.

Access to Experienced Candidates

By offering competitive benefits and wages, we're able to attact the most qualified and proven talent.

To ensure our candidates are good fit for your position, each employee is pre-screened and qualified through NCS's 10-steps review process.

We are here to help you

When you need something, we are there to address your concerns and help with the any last minutes needs. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and personals service.